Well we can actually say we beat the weather man, Yeah the weather man which has been the talk every where just look out in Calgary, and every race track you know and yes we know what is happening in Calgary is much more significant that loosing a race day, but too us racers loosing a race day is big, and too us track operators really big. So as another weekend rolled around so did another mess of clouds and wet weather, destroying any chances of a cruise night and or the Sport Compact Challenge which will by the way be rescheduled for July. However come Sunday morning and even though the sun was not out and the skies where heavy with fog and clouds, IT WASNT RAINING. So time trials got underway on time and so did eliminations got underway right on schedule with first round in all four class's getting going at 1 pm with the treat of rain coming. And yes we said four class's as we had a full street car class this weekend and the finals boiled down to Alain Rivard driving a Camaro and Peter Atanassov driving a Corvette with the Camaro coming out with the win light. We hope this is the start of a regular Sunday thing which was the game plan from the start of the season. In Jr Dragsters Ashley Ogilvie looks like she is going to be unstoppable this season as she picked up the win over Nate Vanoppen in the finals, which gives Ashley a complete season so far on live runs. Speaking of Unstoppable Mark Thompson seems to have a handle on that also as he took on and defeated Ian Gould in the finals of Semi Pro giving the 2012 Track Champion and hold on the 2013 points series as well. Super Pro saw team mates Derek Malcolm and Troy Davis make their way too the finals with wins over drivers like Brad Silverthron, Mike Chenier and Dwayne Shultz, however in the semis with Shultz, Troy broke the transmission the his Mullis Dragster allowing Derek Malcolm a single for his first win in the new Chrome Worx Dragster. It was nice to see three or four new cars out once again as everyone tries to get ready for this upcoming weekend which could be the biggest event in the history of the track as we host two other tracks in our first Inter-track event of the season.