Wheel Information:

All 15" Wheels
: Will not fit on 89 and newer rears with aluminum calipers, as the rear caliper interferes with the inside of the wheel GTA Wheels & All other 16" Wheels : All 85-92 16" wheels are paired as Front wheels (4.75" backspacing) and Rear wheels (5.25" backspacing).  These wheels will replace all factory 15" wheels.  All 16" Trans Am & Formula wheels are labeled "Front" & "Rear" on the backside.  They can be identified without removal by noticing a deeper dish on the "Front" wheel as pictured.  86-87 GTA wheels have no dimples on the spokes, while 88-92 GTA wheels have dimples as pictured below.

Front GTA wheel has a larger depth than the rear wheel   Rear GTA wheel has a more shallow dish than the front wheel   86-87 GTA wheels have no dimples   88-92 GTA wheels have dimples