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Product Line Description  Link
 Absorber Synthetic chamois www.theabsorber.com
 AC Delco GM chrome products www.proformparts.com
 Accel Ignition products Accel
 Accufab Billet throttle bodies & fuel related www.accufabracing.com
 ACT Clutches Performance clutches www.advancedclutch.com
 AEM Import performance www.aempower.com
 Aeromotive Performance fuel systems www.aeromotiveinc.com
 Aeroquip Braided hose & fittings www.aeroquip.com
 AFE Air intake systems www.afefilter.com
 Airaid Air intake systems www.airaid.com
 Airflow Research Cylinder heads airflowresearch.com
 Air Ride Technologies Air suspension www.ridetech.com
 ARP Engine fasteners www.arp-bolts.com
 ATI Performance Transmission components ATI
 Auburn Gear Differential components auburngear.com
 Auto Art Diecast Diecast replicas www.autoartmodels.com
 Auto Custom Carpets Replacement carpet kits www.accmats.com
 Auto Specialties Underdrive pulleys www.aspracing.com
 Autometer Automotive gauges www.autometer.com
 Autotecnica Automotive accessories www.autotecnica.com
 B&M Shifters & transmission products www.bmracing.com
 Baer Brake Performance brake systems www.baer.com
 Banks Engineering Diesel performance www.rv-truckpower.com
 Barry Grant Fuel systems & components www.barrygrant.com
 BBK Throttle bodies, headers & related www.bbkperformance.com
 BeCool Performance radiators www.becool.com
 BellTech Suspension components www.belltechcorp.com
 Borla Stainless steel exhaust products www.borla.com
 Brodix Cylinder heads & blocks www.brodix.com
 Bullydog Diesel performance www.bullydog.com
 C&L Ford mass-air meters www.cnlperformance.com
 California Car Duster Car care products www.calcarduster.com
Canton Racing Products Oil system & filtration products Canton Racing
 Centerforce Performance clutches www.centerforce.com
 Centerline Aluminum wheels www.centerlinewheels.com
 Cloyes Timing components www.cloyes.com
 Comp Cams Camshafts & valvetrain components www.compcams.com
 Corsa Performance Performance exhaust corsaperformance.com
 Crane Cams Camshafts & valvetrain components www.cranecams.com
 Crower Camshafts & valvetrain components www.crower.com
 CSR Performance Electric water pumps csr-performance.com
 CTEK Battery chargers www.ctek.com
 Dart Machine Cylinder heads & blocks www.dartheads.com
 Diablosport Performance computer tuning www.diablosport.com
 DC Sports Import performance www.dcsports.com
 Demon Carburetion Performance carburetors www.barrygrant.com
 Design Engineering Thermal protection designengineering.com
 Doug's Headers Headers & exhaust products www.dougsheaders.com
 Eagle Cranks, rods & stroker kits www.eaglerod.com
 Earls Braided hose & fittings Earls
 Eaton Traction Differential components www.traction.eaton.com
 Edelbrock Performance products www.edelbrock.com
 Edge Products Diesel performance www.edgeproducts.com
 Eibach Performance suspension www.eibach.com
 Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings energysuspension.com
 Eradispeed Performance brake systems www.eradispeed.com
 Ertl Diecast Diecast replicas www.ertltoys.com
 FAST Electronics Fuel injection control systems www.fuelairspark.com
 Federal Mogul Engine components Federal Mogul
 Fel-Pro Performance gaskets Fel-Pro
 Flaming River Streetrod components www.flamingriver.com
 Flex-a-lite Automotive cooling products www.flex-a-lite.com
 Flowmaster Performance exhaustflowmastermufflers.com
 Flow-Tech Performance exhaust FlowTech
 Fluidampr Harmonic dampers www.fluidampr.com
 Ford Racing Ford performance parts fordracingparts.com
 G-Force Safety Helmets & other safety equipment www.gforce.com
 Global West Performance suspension www.globalwest.net
 GMP Diecast Diecast replicas www.gmpdiecast.com
 Granatelli Mass-air meters granatellimotorsports.com
 Grant Steering wheels & accessories www.grantproducts.com
 Greddy Import performance www.greddy.com
 Ground Force Suspension components www.groundforce.com
 G-Tech Performance meters www.gtechpro.com
H3R Performance Fire extinguishers h3rperformance.com
 Hawk Brake Performance brake pads hawkperformance.com
 Hayden Automotive cooling products www.haydenauto.com
 Haynes Automotive manuals www.haynes.com
 Hays Performance clutches Hays
 Hedman Hedders Performance exhaust www.hedman.com
 Helix Throttle body spacers & air intake kits Helix
 Hellwig Suspension Suspension components hellwigproducts.com
 Highway 61 Diecast Diecast replicas www.ffertl3.com
 Hitachi Automotive Chrome alternators www.hap-la.com
 Holley Performance products www.holley.com
 Hooker Headers Performance exhaust Hooker
 Hotchkis Suspension components www.hotchkis.net
 HP Books How-to & performance books HP Books
 Hurst Shifters & transmission products Hurst
 Husler Headers Race exhaust products www.hedman.com
 Hypertech Performance computer upgrades hypertech-inc.com
Injen Technology Performance air intake systems www.injen.com
 Innovate Motorsports Digital tuning innovatemotorsports.com
 Jacobs Electronics Performance ignition Jacobs Electronics
 Jada Toys Diecast replicas www.jadatoys.com
 Jaz Products Seats & fuel cells www.jazproducts.com
 JBA Headers Performance exhaust www.jbaheaders.com
 JE Pistons Pistons www.jepistons.com
 Jet Performance computer upgrades www.jetchip.com
 JP Performance Billet timing components www.jp.com.au
 K&N Air filter & intake systems www.knfilters.com
 Keith Black Pistons Pistons www.kb-silvolite.com
 Kirkey Racing seats www.kirkeyracing.com
 Koni Performance shocks www.koni-na.com
 Lakewood Bellhousings & suspension components Lakewood
 Lokar Shifters & other streetrod components www.lokar.com
 Lunati Camshafts & valvetrain components Lunati
 MAC Products Ford performance parts www.macperformance.com
 Magnaflow Exhaust Performance exhaust www.magnaflow.com
 Mallory Ignition Performance ignition Mallory Ignition
 Manhattan Oil Fuel fragranceshttp://www.manhattanoil.com
 Manley Valves & engine components .manleyperformance.com
 March Underdrive pulleys www.marchperf.com
 McLeod Performance clutches www.mcleodind.com
 Mechanix Wear Mechanics gloves www.mechanixwear.com
 Meguiars Car care products www.meguiarscanada.com
 Melling Oil pumps www.melling.com
 Michigan 77 Engine bearings www.engineparts.com
 Mickey Thompson Street & strip tires mickeythompsontires.com
 Milodon Oil pans & other engine components www.milodon.net
 Moroso Oil pans & other engine components www.moroso.com
 Moser Performance differential products moserengineering.com
 Mothers Car care products www.mothers.com
 Motive Gear Differential components www.motivegear.com
 Motorbooks How-to & performance books www.motorbooks.com
 Mr. Gasket Gaskets & other auto accessories mrgasket.com
 MSD Performance ignition www.msdignition.com
 9+ Performance differential products www.new9inch.com
 Nology Performance ignition www.nology.com
 NOS Nitrous oxide systems NOS
 On The Edge Bar stools, canopies, & promotional ontheedgemarketing.com
 Pacesetter Performance exhaust pacesetterexhaust.com
 Painless Performance Wiring harnesses & components painlessperformance.com
 Patriot Exhaust Performance exhaust www.pertronix.com
 Patriot Performance CNC ported cylinder heads patriot-performance.com
 Paxton Superchargers Centrifugal superchargers www.paxtonauto.com
 Performance Automatic Ford transmission components performanceautomatic.com
 Performance World Fuel pumps,fasteners & other items performanceworld
 Permatex Octane boost & other chemicals www.permatex.com
 Pertronix Performance ignition www.pertronix.com
 Pete Jackson Gear driveswww.petejacksongeardrives.net/
PIAA Lighting www.piaa.com
 Pioneer Engine components pioneerautoinc.com
 Plasticolor Garage stools & floor mats www.plasticolorinc.com
 Power Slot Slotted brake rotors www.powerslot.com
 Powerbond Harmonic dampers precisionparts.com.au
 Powerdyne Centrifugal superchargers www.powerdyne.com
 Powermaster Performance starters & alternators powermastermotorsports.com
 Powertrax Performance differential products www.powertrax.com
 Predator Performance Diesel performance www.drperformance.com
 Probe Pistons www.probeindustries.com
 Procharger Centrifugal superchargers www.procharger.com
 Procomp Electronics Performance ignition & engine parts procompelectronics.com
 Professional Products Intake manifolds,fuel systems & related professional-products.com
Proform  Engine building tools & other products www.proformparts.com
 Pro-Stop Cross-drilled brake rotors www.powerslot.com
 QA1 Performance suspension www.qa1.net
 Race Shop Air inlet ducting www.raceshopsupply.com
 Ram Clutches Performance clutches www.ramclutches.com
 RCI Seats, fuel cells & safety equipment www.rciracing.com
 Redline Oil Synthetic lubricants www.redlineoil.com
 RHS Heads Performance cylinder heads www.rhsheads.com
 Richmond Gear Performance differential & transmission www.richmondgear.com
 Ringers Gloves Mechanics gloves www.ringersgloves.com
 RJS Safety equipment www.rjsracing.com
 Roadmax Lighting www.roadmaxauto.com
 Ron's Fuel Injection Alcohol injection systems www.ronsfuel.com
 Royal Purple Synthetic lubricants www.synerlec.com
 Russell Braided hose & fittings russellperformance.com
 SA Design Books How-to & performance books www.cartechbooks.com
 Sanderson Headers Streetrod headers sandersonheaders.com
 S&B Filters Performance air filters & systems www.sbfilters.com
 Scat Crankshafts Cranks, rods & stroker kits www.scatcrankshafts.com
 SCE Gaskets Copper head & header gaskets www.scegaskets.com
Scorpion Performance Roller rocker arms scorpionperformance.com
 Sealed Power Engine components www.federal-mogul.com
 Snow Performance Water/Methanol injection kits www.snowperformance.net
 Spectre Automotive accessories spectreperformance.com
 Sprint Suspension Suspension components www.sprintspring.com
 SRP Pistons jepistons.com
 Stage 8 Fasteners Locking fasteners www.stage8.com
 Stainless Steel Brakes Performance brake systems stainlesssteelbrakes.com
 Stewart Water pumps stewartcomponents.com
 Supercar Collectibles Diecast replicas www.supercar1.com
 Super Sunny Chrome & aluminum accessories super-specialty.com
 Superchips Performance computer upgrades www.superchips.com
 Suspension Techniques Suspension components www.stracing.com
 TA Performance Differential girdles www.taperformance.com
 Tavia Timing tabs & engine building equipment www.tavia.com
 Taxor Watches & clocks www.taxor.com
 Taylor Cable Performance ignition products www.taylorvertex.com
 TCI Transmissions & components www.tciauto.com
 Thermo-Tec Thermal protection www.thermotec.com
 Token Fiberglass Fiberglass components tokenfiberglass.com
 Torco Synthetic lubricants www.torcousa.com
 Trans-dapt Automotive accessories tdperformance.com
 Trick Flow Heads, intakes & related components www.trickflow.com
Tuff Stuff Performance Chrome Accessories tuffstuffperformance.com
 Turbonetics Turbochargers www.turboneticsinc.com
 Turbosmart Turbo wastegates & accessories www.turbosmart.com.au
 VHT Paints & chemicals www.vhtpaint.com
 Vibrant Import performance www.vibrantpower.com
 Vintage Air Air conditioning kits & components www.vintageair.com
 Vogtland Performance suspension www.vogtland.com
 Vortech Centrifugal superchargers vortechsuperchargers.com
 Weiand Intake manifolds & superchargers Weiand
 Weld Racing Aluminum wheels www.weldracing.com
 Wilwood Performance brake systems www.wilwood.com
 Wolf Car covers global-accessories.com
 World Products Cylinder heads & blocks www.worldcastings.com
 Zex Nitrous oxide systems www.zex.com
 ZoopSeal Inc. Metal protection www.zoops.com

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Accel Ignition
Wire sets, ignition boxes & performance spark plugs & wires.

Advanced Clutch Technology. Performance clutches, pressure plates & throw out bearings

ACE Racing Products
Fire suits, window nets, pit mats, helmet bags and other safety equipment.

High performance fuel system components, carburetors, rebuild kits and accessories.

Performance cam gears, pulleys, brake equipment & accessories for the sport compact market.

High performance fuel system components, pumps, filters, regulators & accessories.

AirRide Pro
Air suspension parts, complete kits, steering wheels and more.

Performance Intake components, air filters & billet aluminum spacers.

Performance Sport compact headers & exhaust components.

Performance studs, bolts, fasteners & related hardware.

Auburn Gear
Limited slip differentials, spools, electronic locking differentials

Auto Meter
Tachometers and mechanical/electrical gauges

Baer Brakes
Stock rotor upgrades, caliper upgrades, pads, full upgrade systems

BBK Performance
Performance Fuel systems, Air systems & Exhaust components

Shifters, torque converters, parts kits and transmissions

Bell Tech
Light truck suspension and billet accessories

Blue Racer
Performance valve train components and accessories

Bully Dog Technologies
Diesel Performance Specialists

Fiberglass hood scoops


Automotive books

Performance mechanical fuel pumps, electric pumps

Performance clutches, pressure plates & throw out bearings

High performance starters, water pumps & alternators

Performance timing components including timing chain sets & gear drives

Competition Cams
Performance valve train parts, camshafts and accessories

Competition Engineering
Chassis and suspension components

Crane Cams
Performance valve train components and accessories
Performance ignition components

Design Engineering, Inc.
Exhaust wrap, turbo wrap and heat paint, specialty automotive accessories

Performance mufflers designed with patented technology.

Eagle Specialty Products
Performance Engine components & rotating assemblies.


Performance parts, cams, intake manifolds, carburetors, cylinder heads

Performance Plumbing components

Edge Products
Diesel performance electronics

Automotive sport suspension products

Energy Suspension
Urethane suspension components

Erickson Mfg.
Tie Down straps

Federal Mogul
Engine components


Performance gaskets

Electric cooling fans, transmission coolers, oil coolers, S/S and aluminum fans

Electric cooling fans, lexan windows

Headers, tips and exhaust systems

Performance mufflers and cat-back exhaust systems

Performance harmonic dampers

Ford Racing
Performance parts for Ford vehicles

Gauge Works
Pillar & dash pods

GM Chrome
Air cleaners, valve covers, breathers, engine kits, brackets, etc.

Granatelli Motor Sports
Performance mass airflow sensors, cold air inductions, fabricated sheetmetal valve covers, fuel system components, billet power steering pump reservoirs, suspension components and speedometer calibration software.

Clutches and accessories

Harland Sharp
Billet aluminum rocker arms

Performance catalytic converters

Fuel pumps, carburetors and ignitions

Exhaust headers and component systems

HP Books
Automotive books

Shifter and roll control accessories

The Worlds Leader in High-Performance Engine Tuning Products

Electronic switches & push buttons

Jacob's Electronics
Ignition systems, coils spark plug wires, electronic accessories

Jaz Products
Fuel cells, seats, safety accessories

Jiffy Tite
Revolutionary Quick Connect Fluid Fittings

High performance valve springs, retainers and locks

Aluminum racing seats and covers, roll bar padding

Performance air filters and oil filters

Performance shocks and springs


Suspension, safety accessories, bell housings, traction bars, etc.

Performance & Street Rod products including stainless steel throttle and transmission cables, engine & transmission dipsticks, shifters, billet aluminum pedals and emergency brake cable kits

Lokar Motorsports
Lokar Motorsports currently has a number of products that fit Honda and Acura cars, including throttle cables, engine dipsticks, hood props, gas and brake pads and cruise control.

Mr. Gasket
Performance parts and complete gasket assortment

Ignition components & fuel systems

MC Markham Converter

Torque converters

Valves, pistons, pushrods & valve train components

March Pulleys
Performance underdrive & custom engine pulley systems

Mechanix Wear
Performance automotive clothing, Mechanix gloves, Crew shoes, Work aprons and apparrel

Oil pans, timing chains, gear drives, gaskets, valve covers stainless steel valves.

The Moon name stands for quality and integrity in speed and racing equipment.

Oil pans, wire sets and complete performance parts

Wire sets, coils, caps, ignition boxes and magnetos

Performance spark plugs

Nitrous Oxide Systems, parts and pump stations

Northern Radiator
Aluminum universal race rads, aluminum drop-in rads, accessories

Painless Performance

Wiring components

Electronic points conversion kits, ignition coils and wire sets


Performance lighting & accessories

PTP Power Transfer Parts
Ring and pinion sets

Professional Products
Intake manifolds, fuel filters, stud girdles & tire pressure gauges

Engine tools, alternators and engine components

Pro Blend
Performance additives & chemicals

Pro Motive

Performance parts & accessories

Quick fuel Technology
Performance carburetors

Radir Wheels

Richmond Gears
Hi-performance ring and pinions, spools

Richmond Transmission

Hi-performance manual transmissions

Fuel cells, fire suits and safety equipment


Performance hose and fittings

So Cal Speedshop
Hot Rod Parts and Accessories. Since 1946

Speedway Motors
Americas largest Street Rod Supermarket

The leading manufacturer of performance enhancing computer products for the automotive industry.

Suspension Techniques
Lowering kits, sway bars and racing springs

SCE Gaskets
Reliable high-end performance gaskets from the carburetor to the oil pan.

SSBC Stainless Steel Brakes
A leading manufacturer of aftermarket performance disk brake conversion and upgrade kits.

Ignition wires and miscellaneous electrical parts

Transmissions, torque converters and components

Universal Spinners
Spun aluminum air cleaner assemblies & over flow bottles.

Automotive engine, exhaust & brake paints & track bite traction compound

Vibrant Performance

Stainless exhaust, tips, shifters, pedals, air tubes, oil caps and performance import accessories

Superchargers, intake manifolds, air cleaners, water pumps.

High performance Sport Compact drag racing & street performance parts

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